Boycott israHell!

Boycott israHell!
Бойкот на израел и печелещите от окупацията! Boycott israHell and those who profit from occupation!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I didn't commit the Holocaust

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Every time Zionist Jews mark the holocaust anniversary, they strive, often in a pathetic and disgusting manner, to utilize the colossal crime against humanity in order to divert attention from the gigantic crimes the same Zionist Jews have been carrying out against the Palestinian people ever since the creation of the misbegotten state in 1948.

Hence, the holocaust is used as the ultimate red herring to justify another huge crime against humanity that is Israel.

Day after day, Israel is proving to all and sundry that it is more of a malignant tumor whose ultimate goal is to kill, replace, destroy and liquidate than of a normal human entity wanting to live and let live.

The creation of Israel has been and continues to be an unrelenting crime against humanity in light of the persistent and never-ending effects and aftereffects of that crime. Most Jews no longer suffer as a result of the holocaust. In comparison, however, most Palestinians continue to suffer miserably as a result of Israel’s creation.

Hundreds if not thousands of Palestinians continue to die every year as a direct or indirect result of the homelessness and dispersal inflicted on them due to Israel's creation.

The Palestinians may not be the most oppressed people under the sun. But they are absolutely the world’s most consistently and uninterruptedly tormented people, thanks mainly to the harmful existence of Israel.

Even today, Palestinian refugees die of starvation in Syria. These people wouldn't be dying such a painful and agonizing death had they been allowed to stay in their ancestral homeland.

But Zionism and humanness have always been an eternal oxymoron. An ideology that condemns people to death and endless suffering just because they don't happen to belong to "the holy tribe" is an evil ideology par excellence, even if constantly corroborated by ancient religious texts.

Evil is evil and a god that condones evil and oppression must be a false god.

I, a Palestinian Arab Muslim, would really and honestly identify with Jews marking the holocaust anniversary. However, because Israelis and Zionist Jews in general are exploiting and manipulating the tragic occasion to perpetuate and justify the immense oppression meted out to my people, I feel I would be dishonest to claim I feel any empathy with the people who use the memory of one holocaust to perpetrate another.

Of course, at the human level I feel immensely sorry for the victims of the holocaust as well as for Nazi Germany's tens of millions of victims, Jews and non-Jews.

In the final analysis, Nazi Germany actually committed two colossal crimes: First, the Holocaust (which is by the way not the biggest act of genocidal killing in history- Stalin may have murdered more people than Hitler ever did). And, second, the creation of Israel.

One anti-Zionist rabbi once told me half-jokingly that Hitler might be eventually forgiven for doing what he did against European Jewry, but he would never ever be forgiven for helping establish the state of Israel.

I don't know why God permitted the creation of Israel. I don't know why the Almighty allows evil in the first place. Well, God probably created Israel for the same mysterious reasons for which He allowed Nazi Germany to thrive and prosper, which could mean that Israel will eventually meet the same fate that Germany eventually met. Yes, Israel does apparently have a longer life-span than did Nazi Germany. But will the end-game be much different?

I know the subject of theodicy is not an easy one. We should just realize that there are certain things that can't be sufficiently explained in human terms. We humans are just too imperfect and too incomplete to understand things beyond our immediate perceptions.

None the less, there is no doubt that the continued existence of Israel is a major sign of evil in this world. But evil is ultimately self-destructive and self-limiting. This is why I have no doubt that Israel will eventually find its way to demise and disappearance. I hope this end will not be too far into the future.

In a world where everything can be denied, there are forces undeniable. I am sure these forces will ultimately move to apply the laws of history and nature to Israel as these forces had been applied numerous times to other oppressors

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