Boycott israHell!

Boycott israHell!
Бойкот на израел и печелещите от окупацията! Boycott israHell and those who profit from occupation!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Israel-Gaza conflict: #UN accuses Israel of possible war crime after shelling of #Gaza schools kills 19

But Israelis insist they have photographic proof that Hamas is storing weapons in civilian areas

Faiza Al-Tanboura had not spoken for 21 days since a missile strike destroyed her home. In the early hours of this morning she found her voice: “The children. Don't let them kill the children,” she shouted as she ran out into the playground of a UN school under Israeli tank fire.

Watch Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Angela Davis, Pratibha Parmar, Holly Near, Urvashi Vaid, Alison Bechdel and more stand up for #Gaza

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LA PAZ – Bolivia on Wednesday renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state.

President Evo Morales announced the move during a talk with a group of educators in the city of Cochabamba. It "means, in other words, we are declaring (Israel) a terrorist state," he said.


#GazaUnderAttack #US Confirms it Resupplied Israel with Weapons During #Gaza Conflict

A huge fireball erupts following Israeli air strikes in the east of Gaza City(Reuters)
The US has confirmed it resupplied Israel with weapons and ammunition which could be used during the conflict in Gaza.
The news comes soon after the US condemned an attack on a United Nations (UN) school in Gaza in which at least 16 Palestinians were killed.
Since the 1990s, the US has kept a stockpile of arms inside Israel known as the War Reserves Stock Allies-Israel (WRSA-I), which Israel can use in emergencies.

Massive Attack dedicate Lebanon gig to Gaza children

British band Massive Attack performing in Lebanon on July 29, 2014, 
showing a message denouncing Israel's action against Gaza (PPA/AFP)
BYBLOS, Lebanon (AFP) -- Influential British band Massive Attack dedicated their only Middle East gig to the children of Gaza, openly condemning Israel's "massacre" of the Palestinians.

As the band played in Byblos, in Lebanon, just a few hundred kilometers north of Gaza, swaying music-lovers on Tuesday night held up Palestinian flags as Massive Attack issued a rare, explicit condemnation of Israel's offensive.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

#FreeGaza #FreePalestine Israel-Palestine: This is how it ends - Sign the Petition

#GazaUnderAttack 44% of #Gaza has been declared a "no-go zone"

Тук съвсем ясно можете да видите за какво става дума, ако не сте успели да си 

представите примера, който ви дадох със София. израелските военни са обявили 44% 

oт Газа за "буферна зона". 3 км е ширината на тази зона,

Къде точно хората могат да стоят?

p.s. 60% oт Западния Бряг са класифицирани като “Area C” - под пълен израелски 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Urgent: ISM volunteers in Gaza trapped in Beit Hanoun Hospital

At 19:00 Beit Hanoun Hospital was hit by an Israeli tank shell. Inside the hospital are 61 medical staff, civilians, three patients and two ISM volunteers Charlie Andreasson and Fred Ekblad from Sweden, who are all trapped inside.
Israeli soldiers are in the area, approximately 150 meters behind the hospital. Gunfire can be heard in the area.
We need you to call your own representatives to demand that they fulfill their obligation to insure that Israel adheres to international law and immediately cease to target medical staff and facilities.
Some phone numbers are provided below.
Background: Medical teams under fire
international volunteers, including some from Sweden, the U.S., and the UK, went to Beit Hanoun in North Gaza to accompany ambulances fallowing the targeting of an ambulance in Beit Hanoun this afternoon by Israeli forces. The Israeli attack on the ambulance killed one paramedic and the critical injury of another
This is the second Israeli attack on Gazan medical facilities and personnel in the last 24 hours. The first resulted in the destruction of Al Durrah Children’s Hospital in Gaza City last night. A two year-old child in the Intensive Care Unit was killed, and 30 others injured.
Due to shelling nearby, Beit Hanoun hospital has evacuated most of its patients to al-Shifa Hospital. Three patients remain in the hospital.
Since Israel began its attack on Gaza, 13 ambulances have been completely destroyed and two paramedics have been killed. Throughout the massacre, medical staff and facilities have been repeatedly targeted.
“Israel’s attacks on Gaza hospitals are ongoing, with those in areas by the separation barrier forced to evacuate their patients, paramedics and other rescue workers are doing what they can under conditions of great risk.” Stated Joe Catron, U.S. International Solidarity Movement activist.
According to the Gazan Ministry of Health, six out of Gaza’s 13 hospitals have already been severely damaged. One, el-Wafa rehabilitation hospital, has been completely destroyed. Two medical clinics have been completely destroyed, seven other clinics have been damaged, 13 medical staff members have been injured, and five have been killed.
The Ministry of Health in Gaza has demanded, “the immediate cessation of Israeli occupation military attacks against medical facilities and personnel in Gaza, and demands that the international community soundly condemn this latest Israeli atrocity, and hold Israel accountable for these war crimes.”
For more information:
+972597406401 Ally Cohen (ISM media coordinator, based in the West Bank)
Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Carl Bildt
+46 8 405 10 00 [4]
(Plus a load more phone numbers on this page:
The German Foreign Office:
Federal Foreign Office
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Minister
Tel. (24 hours service): +49 30 1817 0
Telefax: +49 30 1817 3402
German Embassy Tel Aviv emergency number / for German citizens only: +972-54-9944724 (mobile)
Auswärtiges Amt @AuswaertigesAmt
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
MP Philip Hammond
+44 20 7008 1500
020 7219 4055
US Department of State
Israel Foreign Service Desk: 202-647-3672
José García-Margallo y Marfil
91 379 97 00
New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Murray McCully
+64 4 439 8000
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Laurent Fabius
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Julie Bishop
+61 2 6261 1111 (office)
1300 555 135 (24-hour Consular Emergency Centre)
Venezuelan Ministry Foreign Affairs
Elías Jaua
+58 212 806.4400
+58 212 8061111
@ Vencancilleria

#GazaUnderAttack Мирно шествие в #София в подкрепа на #Газа, 29.07.2014

Не е нужно да си мюсюлманин, трябва единствено да си човек, за да си против клането в Газа. 

Във връзка с продължаващата военна офанзива и ескалацията на убийствата и напрежението, както и създалата се хуманитарна катастрофа там, 

Асоциацията на Палестинците в България 

организира второ мирно шествие на 29.07.2014 - вторник. Ще се тръгне в 17 часа от северната зина на Градската градина, покрай БНБ, Шератон, Президентството, Св.Неделя, по бул Витоша, с крайна точка пилоните на НДК.

#BDSMovement / Thank you, Sinead O’Connor, for boycotting Israel

Sinéad O’Connor, an artist willing to put principles ahead of money. (Man Alive!)
 vividly recall the first time I saw Sinéad O’Connor live. She looked shy and fragile as she walked onstage. And then she began her song “Troy,” whispering to us one second; screaming at us the next. It was enchanting and haunting.
That was 26 years ago. Ever since then, I’ve admired O’Connor as a woman of talent and courage. So I felt a bit hurt when she rejected me in a distinctly twenty-first century manner last month: by blocking me on Twitter.
All I had done was to ask politely that she cancel a gig in Israel.

#FreeGaza #FreePalestine #Hamas: Netanyahu's statement signals 'victory for the resistance'

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas called the statement by israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he cannot guarantee the success of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip "a tacit acknowledgment of defeat".
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Thursday, "the West is losing sympathy for Israel as civilian [Palestinian] deaths mount during its offensive in Gaza"

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told Sky News 'The West is losing sympathy for Israel as civilian [Palestinian] deaths mount during its offensive in Gaza'

#IDF Ex-Israeli soldier speaks out… what he says will change everything you think you know about Israel!

See summarised key points mentioned from this lecture below.
The talk by Eran Efrati was filmed in Denver, Colorado on March 3, 2014 as part of The Soldier and the Refusenik U.S. tour with Maya Wind. Eran talk about his experiences in the IDF and then more broadly discusses Israel, its relationship to the U.S. and the global expansion of militarism.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#Gaza #Hamas / Hamas's Handiwork

Middle East Monitor's senior editor, Ibrahim Hewitt, writes to The GuardianThe Independentand The Times and The Sunday Times  -  Hamas's Handiwork

#FreeGaza #FreePalestine #BDS #Israel facing new divestment support in US

Human rights and corporate responsibility prompt a US church to divest from companies doing business with Israel.

Last updated: 24 Jul 2014 

Rights groups warn that sales of Caterpillar bulldozers to Israel could violate Palestinians' human rights [GALLO/GETTY]

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to pressure Israel to comply with international law and end its military occupation of Palestinian territories, has garnered significant institutional and governmental support in recent years. 

Much of its growth has been in Europe, but the BDS movement is also gaining momentum in mainstream USA.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted in June to divest from three companies doing business with Israel: Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett-Packard. 

The three were targeted for selling equipment used to facilitate Israel’s illegal activities on occupied land, highlighting yet again the question of corporate responsibility regarding international law and human rights.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack | #Egypt turns back Tunisian plane loaded with medical supplies for #Gaza

TUNIS, (PIC)– Head of Tunisia’s al-Nahda party Rashid al-Ghannoushi revealed on Monday night that Egypt has refused to receive a Tunisian plane bound for Gaza loaded with medicines and medical supplies.
Al-Ghannoushi told Al-Jazeera TV network that the Egyptian authorities had refused to allow the plane to land at the airport nearest to the Gaza Strip, pointing out that it was carrying medical supplies badly needed in the beleaguered Strip.
The plane was supposed to fly back injured people who sustained serious wounds during the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza to receive treatment in Tunisia, he explained.
Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki had declared a week ago his country’s intention to send a plane carrying medicines and medical supplies for Gaza Strip.

Monday, July 21, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack #Chechen leader blasts Israel’s ‘unjustified cruelty’ towards Palestinians

Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov (RIA Novosti / Said Tzarnaev)
Ramzan Kadyrov has expressed condolences to the victims of Israeli attacks on Palestinians and emphasized that the USA and Europe were turning a blind eye on this policy of “state terrorism.”
The head of the Chechen Republic published an extensive statement on latest political events on his social media of choice – the Instagram. Kadyrov spoke out after Israel stepped up its ‘Protective Edge’ ground operation in Gaza Strip on Sunday.

Businesses strike in Israel over Gaza - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Businesses strike in Israel over Gaza - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

#GazaUnderAttack | #Lebanon TV channels unite in support of Gaza | #LB4Gaza

To salute people of Gaza, and its children
_67229_A2BEIRUT – All of Lebanon’s main television channels are to broadcast simultaneously on Monday a bulletin in support of Gazans in the face of an Israeli military offensive that has killed hundreds.
The unusual protest named “Palestine… You are not alone” brings together networks with radically different views, including the official TeleLiban, Hezbollah’s Al-Manar, LBC, MTV and NBN.
They will broadcast at 8:10 pm (1710 GMT) an identical report on the humanitarian dimension of Israel’s two-week assault on the Gaza Strip, which has cost the lives of more than 500 Palestinians.

#Pray4Gaza #GazaUnderAttack | Al-Qarni: Supporting Palestinian resistance is a ‘religious duty’

Any of the Arabs who conspire against the Strip will go down in history as being a disgrace’
Saudi preacher Sheikh Aidh Al-Qarni emphasised the importance of supporting the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the resistance, stressing that it is a religious duty.Speaking to Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah Net, Al-Qarni said whoever constricts the resistance is a “sinner” from a religious point of view. He called upon Egypt and all the Arabs to immediately open the Rafah Crossing as a “religious and humanitarian duty”.
He stressed that the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip will be victorious and it would change the equation of the whole region. “Any of the Arabs who conspire against the Strip will go down in history as being a disgrace,” he said.
Al-Qarni said that all the nations in the region stand with the Palestinian issue.


#IDF Ground Offenzive in #Gaza, July 2014 / #GazaUnderAttack

A farmer in #Gaza stands where his vegetable greenhouse used to be. Totally destroyed in an airstrike

Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian

20/7/14: International and Palestinian volunteers accompanied Civil Defense and other rescue crews, as well as family members, into Shujaya, in an attempt to locate survivors of overnight and ongoing shelling by the Israeli army. A young Palestinian man, in a green t-shirt, who hoped to reach his family's home, was shot by an Israeli soldier while crossing an alley between buildings. Two additional rounds struck him as he lay injured on the ground.

Gaza doctor to Obama: Do you have a heart?

Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who volunteers at the overburdened Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, has written a letter addressing US president Barack Obama.

World Bulletin / News Desk
Dearest friends,
The last night was extreme. The "ground invasion" of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying - all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.
The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza's hospitals are working 12-24 hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment all in Shifa for the last 4 months), they care, triage, try to understand the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. HUMANS!
Now, once more treated like animals by "the most moral army in the world" (sic!).

#GazaUnderAttack #BDS Stop Israeli #Apartheid! #Boycott, Embargo and Indictments

We are Israeli citizens who know full well that Israel is an apartheid state. We have been active for years against our government's racist and oppressive policies of colonization, occupation and apartheid, including the inhumane siege of Gaza. As Israel rains terror, destruction and death over 1.5 million people in the besieged Gaza, we would like to remind the world that this policy can be brought to an end if we all target those who are responsible for it.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

#BDS #Palestine Soda Stream in the occupied West Bank fired 60 Palestinian employees in an act of collective punishment


WAC-MAAN has written an urgent letter to SodaStream CEO, Mr. Daniel Birnbaum, demanding immediate return of the employees to their posts!
The SodaStream factory at the Israeli settlement of Mishor Adumim in the occupied West Bank employs hundreds of Palestinians. In early July it fired 60 of them, all from the night-shift. The employees have told WAC-MAAN that the lay-offs followed an argument on Wednesday, July 2, after they realized that the company had supplied insufficient food for the breaking of the Ramadan fast. The company allows only kosher food on its premises, so employees are not permitted to bring their own to work. Sixty were left hungry after 16 hours of fasting.

The night-shift workers approached management’s representatives, saying that without something to eat they would find it hard to continue. They added that operating large machinery while hungry and weak could be a safety risk.

Palestinian resistance kidnapped an Israeli soldier

Shaul Aron, No 6092065

#Gaza #Pray4Gaza All family in Jannah in sha ALLAH!

Sajy and Kenan, their father and their pregnant mother were killed today after IOF targeted their home! 

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un...

#FreePalestine Selena #Gomez Posts #PrayforGaza But Doesn't Delete it, Unlike Rihanna

Selena Gomez has defended her decision in speaking out about the Israeli-Palestine conflict.
The 21-year-old star posted an image on Instagram which stated "It's About Humanity. Pray for Gaza."

Rihanna Provokes Controversy with #FreePalestine Tweet

Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on #Gaza

People drink, snack and pose for selfies against a background of explosions as Palestinian death toll mounts in ongoing offensive

Harriet Sherwood in Sderot, 20.07.2014

Israeli man watches the bombardment as he sits on an old sofa left on a hillside in Sderot. Photograph: UPI/Landov/Barcroft Media

Israelis sit on a hill to watch air strikes on Gaza, some bring drinks and snacks as they cheer the explosions a few miles away. Photograph: UPI/Landov/Barcroft Media

Sayed Kashua: why I have to leave #Israel

Sayed Kashua in Jerusalem. ‘I wanted to tell the Israelis a story, the Palestinian story. Surely when they read it they will understand.’ Photograph: Ziv Koren/Polaris /eyevine

Quite soon I am going away from here. In a few days we'll be leaving Jerusalem, leaving the country. Yesterday we bought little suitcases for the kids. No need to take a lot of clothes, we'll leave our winter clothes; in any event they won't be warm enough given the cold of southern Illinois, USA. We'll just need a few things until we get settled. Perhaps the kids should take some books, two or three in Arabic, and another few in Hebrew, so they don't forget the languages. But I'm already not sure what I want my kids to remember of this place, so beloved and so cursed.
The original plan was to leave in a month for a year's sabbatical. But last week I understood that I can't stay here any longer, and I asked the travel agent to get us out of here as fast as possible, "and please make them one-way tickets". In a few days we'll land in Chicago, and I don't even know where we'll be for the first month, but we'll figure it out.

Boycott WORKS!!! - Israeli trade down 40% following military operation on Gaza

There has been a 40 per cent reduction in trade in Israeli cities since Israel began its military operation in Gaza, Israel's Channel Two said today.
Since July 7, Israel has waged raids across the Gaza Strip in a military operation it calls "Operation Protective Edge".
Channel Two reported officials at the Israeli Export Institute saying that there has been a noticeable decline in import and export operations between Israeli cities, especially in the cities of central and southern Israel, which have become an easy target for rockets by Palestinian factions in Gaza.
An Anadolu reporter described southern Israel as being famous for its agricultural land, which is irrigated, in addition to farming for livestock, some dairy plants and factories for packaging and canning crops, in order to be exported to markets in Israel, or to foreign markets.
A few days ago the news site published remarks by the Chairman of the Histadrut (General Organisation of Workers in the Land of Israel) Avi Nissenkorn in which he asked Finance Minister Yair Lapid to issue directives immediately to compensate the owners of factories and shops in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip for indirect losses caused as a result of the security situation.
Israel's current offensive has led to the death of 260 Palestinians and wounded 1,980 others, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack #Turkey #Erdogan: Israel will sink in the blood it sheds

Turkish presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Israel will "sink in the blood it is shedding in the Gaza Strip and all parts of Palestine sooner or later," Anadolu news agency reported.
Speaking after an Iftar gathering in the presence of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Erdogan said that the Israeli occupation indiscriminately launches shells and rockets towards men, women, children, the elderly and young people in Gaza.
"A black stigma will be stamped on the forehead of those who remain silent over the oppression Israel is carrying out in Gaza," he added.

#GazaUnderAttack | Worldwide Protests against Israel – In Photos

Full Album...

Hundreds of Jews in New York protest against the Zionist state of Israel.

Hundreds of Jews in New York protest against the Zionist state of Israel.

#GazaUnderAttack | #Israel completely cuts electricity to #Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)– The power distribution company in Gaza said that the Israeli occupation authority completely severed the power supplies to the Gaza Strip.
This Israeli measure raised the current power deficit in Gaza from 80 percent to 90 percent, according to an official in the electricity company.
Director of the company’s public relations Jamal Dardasawi told SAFA news agency on Friday that the Israeli side shut down all electricity supply lines to Gaza.

#GazaUnderAttack | #Egypt blocks aid convoy from entering #Gaza

Egyptian soldiers in north Sinai prevented an aid convoy of activists from reaching the Rafah border crossing with the embattled Palestinian Gaza Strip on Saturday, an AFP correspondent said.
An army officer at the Balloza checkpoint, one of many along the desert highway to Rafah, told an AFP correspondent that the security situation in the restive peninsula was too unstable to allow the convoy of 11 buses and 500 activists to pass.
There was a brief scuffle between some activists and soldiers but no arrests were made.
Egypt usually keeps the crossing closed, citing a counter-insurgency operation against militants in north Sinai, but has allowed entry to Palestinians wounded in the 12-day conflict between Hamas and Israel.
At least 333 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched its assault.

#GazaUnderAttack In Pictures: Global #Gaza solidarity #protests

An ultra Orthodox Jew holds a Palestinian flag during a protest against Israel's air strikes on Gaza in London, July 11.


#GazaUnderAttack | #Turkey Accuses EU & #Muslim World of Hypocrisy Over 3Gaza

Saturday July 19, 2014by Chris Carlson - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group

Turkish EU Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has publicly denounced Western nations and those of the Muslim world for their silence over Israel's ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip which has, so far, claimed at least 319 lives, as of the time of this report.

"We curse Israel's atrocity," Mr. Cavusoglu said, speaking on behalf of Turkey. "We are tired of your double standards, and hypocrisy," he said, referring to EU countries which he asserts are pretending to stand for democracy.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack #Israel to pay high price for #Gaza invasion: #Hamas

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned against an Israeli ground invasion in the besieged Gaza Strip, saying Israel will pay “a high price” for launching an offensive into the blockaded enclave.

"The start of the Israeli ground attack on Gaza is a dangerous step, the consequences of which have not been calculated," said Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, in a statement issued on Thursday.
"Israel will pay a high price and Hamas is ready for the confrontation," the Hamas spokesman added.
Earlier in the day, Israeli forces launched a ground offensive against the blockaded enclave after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the army to push the aggression against Gaza into a new stage.

#GazaUnderAttack | #Hamas penetrates #Israeli settlement messaging system in the West Bank

Following the arrival of the messages, some of the settlers replied using abusive insults and contacted the settlements’ council which investigated the incident

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, yesterday penetrated the messaging system of the Benjamin settlement council near Ramallah, in central West Bank, and sent threatening message to the settlers, Israeli media revealed.One message said: “To the Israeli public: your government claimed yesterday it had stopped firing but without agreeing to our conditions. It was believed that we will hurry to ceasefire, but what happened is the opposite. We retaliated and struck everywhere from Dimona in the south until Haifa in the north while you hid in your shelters like rats. We warn your government of the consequences if it does not agree to our terms, because the whole of Israel will remain a legitimate target for our fire. The Izz Ad-Din Al-Qassam.”
Following the arrival of the messages, some of the settlers replied using abusive insults and contacted the settlements’ council which investigated the incident.
According to a statement released by the council, Hamas penetrated the messaging system and therefore the council has decided to stop the service while it counters the penetration, Israel’s Channel 7 reported.