Boycott israHell!

Boycott israHell!
Бойкот на израел и печелещите от окупацията! Boycott israHell and those who profit from occupation!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Футблисти, начело с Никола Анелка и Фредрик Кануте, призовават за освобождаването на палестински футболист, който се намира на 89-ия ден от своята гладна стачка

с благодарност към Give me justice first the peace will follow

Oфициално изявление до медиите

“В името на спортната солидарност, справедливостта и правата на човека, ние декларираме нашата подкрепа за палестинския футболист Махмуд Сарсак. Като европейски спортисти, ние вярваме, че всеки човек има право на справедлив и независим съдебен процес.

На 22 юли 2009 г. Махмуд Сарсак, на 25 години, е напуснал дома си в Рафа в ивицата Газа, за да се присъедини към своя национален отбор в Западния бряг. Той никога не пристига там. Махмуд е бил арестуван на ПП Ерез, разпитван и задържан без срещу него да бъдат отправени каквито и да е обвинения. Три години по-късно, той все още е в израелски затвор, без каквито и да е обвинения или съдебен процес. Подобно на стотици палестински затворници, Махмуд е в “административно задържане”, която позволява на израелските власти да държат хората в затвора без да посочват причина или необходимост за съдебен процес, и то толкова дълго, колкото израелските власти искат.

На семейството на Махмуд не е било позволено да го посещават. Поради тези причини, Махмуд Сарсак е започнал гладна стачка. Днес(14.06.2012) е 88-мият ден, откакто той отказва храна, той вече е загубил повече от 30 килограма телесно тегло. Здравето му се влошава и животът му е в опасност.

Свобода на едно лице не може да се отнема по произволен начин. В името на гражданската свобода, правосъдието и основните човешки права, ние призоваваме за освобождаването на Махмуд Сарсак.“

Докато светът се радва на мачовете от европейското по футбол, един палестински футболист е на гладна стачка зад решетките на израелски азтвор в опита си да получи справедливост и своите човешки права.

Nicolas Anelka, футболист

Demba Ba, футболист

Abdoulaye Balde, футболист

Jonathan Bru, футболист

Gailord Bwasi, футболист

Diomansy Camara, футболист

Philippe Christianval, футболист

Omar Daf, футболист

Issiar Dia, футболист

Abou Diaby, футболист

Soulaymane Diawara, футболист

Mike Digbeu, баскетболист

Pape Diop, футболист

Ladji Doucouré, атлет

Doudou Jacques Faty, футболист

Ricardo Faty, футболист

Rémi Gomis, футболист

Frédéric Kanouté, футболист

Mamadou Niang, футболист

Fabrice Numéric, футболист

Momo Sissoko, футболист

Moussa Sow, футболист

FIFA wants action on hunger striking player

Palestine footballer Mahmoud Sarsak has been in prison in Israel since 2009.

(CNN) -- The president of soccer's global governing body has urged the Israeli Football Association (IFA) to intervene in the case of a hunger striking Palestinian footballer.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter "expressed grave concern" regarding the incarceration of members of the Palestine team in Israel, including Mahmoud Sarsak who is on hunger strike.
"The reports FIFA received state that in apparent violation of their integrity and human rights and without the apparent right of a due process (trial), several Palestine football players have allegedly been illegally detained by Israeli authorities," read a statement on the organization's website.
"FIFA urgently calls on IFA to draw the attention of the Israeli competent authorities to the present matter, with the aim of ensuring the physical integrity of the concerned players as well as their right for due process."

read the full article...

Freedom for Mahmoud Sarsak

from Berlin

from Netherlands

from Italy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

As Summer Approaches, Caterpillar is Feeling the Heat!

Dear Milena,

Stop Caterpillar
Above: Click to learn about Caterpillar
The pressure is relentless! Early this morning, US Campaign member groups demonstrated outside and raised their voices inside the Caterpillar Corporation shareholders meeting for the 9th year in a row. This was just the most recent of a series of events that occurred this Spring, showing the corporation that its support for the Israeli occupation -- notably supplying D9 bulldozers which Israel uses to demolish Palestinian homes, uproot olive trees, construct Jewish-only settlements and the Apartheid Wall, and kill and maim unarmed civilians -- comes at a cost.

The action came just eight days after a unanimous vote by the Arizona State University (ASU) undergraduate student government passing a bill submitted by US Campaign member group ASU Students for Justice in Palestine, demanding that ASU divest from and blacklist companies that provide the Israeli army with weapons and militarized equipment or are complicit with the genocidal regime in Darfur. The bill named ten such companies, including Caterpillar and Motorola Solutions.

The vote came on the heels of a decision by the Friends Fiduciary Corporation, which serves over 250 Quaker Friends meetings, schools, organizations, trusts and endowments and has over $200 million in assets, decided to divest from Caterpillar.

Last year, after seven years of Caterpillar's most important corporate gathering being dominated by member groups and others protesting the company's complicity in the occupation, Caterpillar moved its shareholder meeting from Chicago to Little Rock, Arkansas. This year, Caterpillar moved even further away to San Antonio, Texas. We said it last year and we'll say it again now: Caterpillar, you can run but you can't hide! 
We Divest
Haithem of Palestine Online Store demon-
strates outside CAT's shareholders meeting. 

Organizers from member groups Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Palestine Online Store joined activists from No Más Muertes, the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center in San Antonio, and elsewhere outside the meeting. They made "concrete connections" between Israel's Apartheid Wall and the wall on theU.S.-Mexico border -- both of which Caterpillar is helping to build -- drawing attention to the racist policies suffered as a result by Latina and Latino migrant communities and indigenous peoples in Arizona and Palestine. El Movímíento Estudíantíl Chícan@ de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A.), the largest association of Latina and Latino youth in the U.S., drew similar connections earlier this year and endorsed Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) in another victory at ASU.

Gabriel Schivone spoke passionately inside the meeting as a shareholder on behalf of JVP and a "robust coalition of religious organizations" in favor of a proposal behind which many US Campaign member groups have rallied through the years. Entitled "Review of Global Corporate Standards," the proposal urges Caterpillar to adopt a review and public reporting of the company's worldwide business practices, and to extend wide-reaching policies to "conform more fully with international human rights and humanitarian standards." An advance poll of showed that at least 21% of all shareholders voting in favor.

Sadly, retirement giant TIAA-CREF, which invests more than $1 billion in Caterpillar, was missing in action. TIAA-CREF has answered calls for divestment with claims that it prefers to engage with companies rather than divest from them. Yet TIAA-CREF was nowhere to be found during this chance to voice concerns. 
We Divest
TIAA-CREF cannot simultaneously claim to "finance for the greater good" and invest -- including through its Social Choice Fund! -- in the destruction of Palestinian homes and lives. TIAA-CREF's Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary William Mostyn III needs to hear from you!

Click here to write a letter to TIAA-CREF to remind them that we are watching! 

Next month, shortly before the TIAA-CREF annual shareholders meeting, the Presbyterian Church (USA) will vote on divestment from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett Packard. The church's Mission Responsibility Through Investment and the General Assembly Mission Council have already put their full support behind divestment. Successful regional overtures on boycotting settlement products and naming and condemning Israeli apartheid are also on the agenda.

The claim that BDS efforts are failing is a favorite of BDS opponents, but it's betrayed by the stream of recent victories. With summer around the corner, thanks to the hard work of member groups around the country, Caterpillar and countless US institutions like it are feeling the heat!


Milena, take these actions today:
Growth for Generations
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Anna BaltzerAnna Baltzer signature
Anna Baltzer
National Organizer

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Palestinian Soccer Star Mahmoud Sarsak at Risk of Death, 85 Days Into Hunger Strike


According to a report released yesterday by Samidoun, The Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, Mahmoud Sarsak is at grave risk of death on his 85th day of a hunger strike against his three year detention by Israel. The 25 year old Palestinian soccer star was abducted by Israeli forces in 2009 while traveling from his home in Gaza to the West Bank in order to train with the Palestinian national soccer team.  Since, he has been held without charge or trial under Israel's "unlawful combatants law."

Sarsak began his hunger strike on March 19th, 2012 after the strikes of  Khader Adnan and Hana’ Shalabi, who were similarly held by Israel without charge or trial.  84 days in, according to Physicians for Human Rights and Addameer, "He has lost 33 percent of his body weight, from an original weight of 76 kilos down to his present weight of 51 kilos. He also suffers from frequent incidents of fainting and loss of consciousness, in addition to lapses in memory. The doctor further reported that Mahmoud is in danger of pulse disruptions (arrhythmias) that are endangering his life." Despite his dire state, Israel refuses to transfer him to a civilian hospital for treatment.  

Palestinian human rights organizations have called for international action and solidarity with Sarsak and his fellow hunger strikers, including Akram Al-Rikhawi (57 days), and Samer al-Barq (22 days).  In a letter from Sarsak and Al-Riljhawi to the public, the strikers asserted "we will remain on our strike until all our demands are met and we will not submit to the demands of the Prison Service regardless of what we suffer...," but appealed for international support, stating "there is still enough time and the support that comes late is better than that which does not come at all. It is better that you receive us alive and victorious rather than as lifeless bodies in black bags."  

Sarsak's family has also released a video calling for his freedom.

Please take this opportunity to stand up for justice for Mahmoud Sarsak and all Palestinian political prisoners!

Take Action!

1. Sign a letter demanding the Israeli state transfer Mahmoud Sarsak, Akram Rikhawi and Samer al-Barq immediately to hospitals and release them. Tell the Israeli Prison Services that the world is watching! Click here to sign.

2. Call the office of Elizabeth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs at the US State Department (            202-647-7209      ) and demand the US intervene on Mahmoud Sarsak's behalf by asking Israel to release him immediately.

3. Tweet this to the State Department and Barack Obama letting them know that it is time they stand up for Palestinian human rights.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Can Israel survive its 45-year occupation?

Nadia Hijab is Director of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. She serves on the advisory board of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

This week marks the 45th anniversary of Israel's occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. A decade ago, I joined a small group of Americans in identifying the occupation as the Achilles heel in Israel's decades-old violations of Palestinian human rights. We believed that hard work and our diverse ethnicities, faiths, and ideologies, grounded in a common commitment to international law, would soon get the "end occupation, uphold human rights" message out to the political establishment and fellow Americans. After all, there was international consensus concerning the "inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war," a basic principle of international law enshrined in U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967, which called for Israel's withdrawal from the territories it seized in the 6-day war it launched on June 5.  

Even though the organization we co-founded has since grown to represent hundreds of thousands of Americans, the Israeli occupation appears more entrenched than ever. Israel has cemented its control of Palestinian land and water, settling over 500,000 of its people in the territories and herding the Palestinians into ever-smaller enclaves, all the while flagrantly violating international law. Yet it has continued to enjoy the support of the United States, including diplomatic cover at the U.N. and massive military aid.  

Israel has also benefited from the acquiescence of the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization in the moribund "peace process" launched by the Oslo Accords nearly 20 years ago. Although this so-called leadership now refuses to participate in negotiations so long as Israel continues to colonize, they have not definitively pulled out of them, even though the only tangible result has been the inexorable loss of Palestinian land and rights. 

Worse, they have no clear counter-strategy and have not been willing to invest in the sources of power necessary to achieve Palestinian human rights, even though there are many avenues available -- diplomatic, economic, mobilization of Arab and international civil society -- that could effectively challenge Israel.

Friday, June 8, 2012

BDS Success!

June 7, 2012
Dear Milena,
In the past few weeks the international push to properly label Israel's illegal settlement goodspicked up heft and speed. South Africaannounced plans to label settlement goods as such, and the Danish government quickly followed suit. A week later, a major Swiss retail chain proposed doing the same. In many of the press reports, Ahava was mentioned as the prime example of Israeli goods made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and mislabeled as "Product of Israel."
This week the Israeli organization Who Profits released a comprehensive report on Ahava, which is made in an illegal settlement in the Occupied territories.  

Will you ask Nordstroms to stop carrying falsely labeled Ahava cosmetics?
We were heartened when at a meeting in early May, the United Methodists voted to boycott settlement products. And we are delighted that the Presbyterian Church (USA) will also consider boycotting Ahava when they meet next month in Pittsburgh.  Help us send a CODEPINK representative to testify on Ahava at the Presbyterian General Assembly - make a donation today!  
This month our Stolen Beauty Ahava boycott campaign celebrates its third anniversary. The official launch of our campaign was in June 2009 with a protest at the Ahava shop in the lobby of the Tel Aviv Hilton. Since then we have scored some amazing victories. In August 2009, our first big media hit was placing an article on the gossip page of The New York Post about Sex & The City starlet Kristin Davis's suspension from publicity work by Oxfam for the duration of her Ahava contract, which she later chose not to renew. The campaign has generated dozens of protests from New York to London to Capetown, and supporters have successfully lobbied a number of small retailers to stop carrying Ahava.
The list of organizations, clergy, and prominent celebrities supporting the boycott continues to grow, as more individuals and groups want to help take the profit out of Israel's occupation. Months after Ahava lost its lease at its flagship London store because of bi-weekly protests, Japanese activists successfully lobbied the local agent to stop representing Ahava.  And this past week activists held protests of Ahava sales at Sephora shops across France.  
Looking back over these three years, we acknowledge that these successes were only possible because of the thousands of people who have donned pink bathrobes, carried banners, handed out fliers, made phone calls, sent letters, and donated tosupport the campaign. Thank you for your support, both material and moral, in working towards dignity, equality and justice for all people in Palestine and Israel.
Forward ever,
Nancy K, Jodie, Rae and the Stolen Beauty team

How you can support the
Stolen Beauty Ahava Boycott campaign as we enter our fourth year:

Tell Nordstrom: Stop Selling Ahava!
Send a letter now 

Read the NEW Report on Ahava

Join the Online Action Team

Sign up to organize in your community 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Naksa Day, Political Prisoners, Children, and More + Maia Project Update!

June 6, 2012
Dear Friend of the Children,

This week, Palestinians everywhere commemorated the 45th anniversary of the naksa, or setback, of 1967 when Israel began its occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula. 

Repeatedly violating international law, Israel's illegal annexation of Palestinian land continues as it builds Jewish-only settlements, demolishes homes and community centers in East Jerusalem, and uproots olive trees. Palestinians, however, continue to assert their dignity and human rights by fighting Israel's racist policies and apartheid system of checkpoints, prisons, blockades, and the wall. 

For nearly 25 years, MECA has supported Palestinian children and families by building playgrounds, water purification systems, funding scholarships for students, and sending medical aid. Today, we share with you a must-read issue of our e-newsletter, packed with all the latest news and analysis from the ground, as well as MECA updates below!   

Many thanks,
MECA Staff

Palestinians Commemorate Naksa Day

On June 5, Palestinians gathered in the streets of Al Khalil (Hebron) to memorialize Naksa Day. This Naksa Day marks the 45th year of the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, as a result of the 1967 war, leading to the displacement of thousands of Palestinians.

Children Under Occupation

  • Activist prevents Israeli officer from arresting Palestinian child During Sunday’s Jerusalem Day events, a Palestinian boy, perhaps 10 years old, was chased down an East Jerusalem street by a very angry officer of the Border Police. The boy tripped and fell, then picked himself up just as the Border Police officer reached him and tried to grab him. But a 22 year-old female Israeli activist prevented the boy’s arrest by throwing herself between the two, allowing the Palestinian boy to flee.
  • DCI-Palestine submits report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child On June 4, DCI-Palestine submitted a report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in advance of its review of Israel’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2013. All states that have ratified the Convention are periodically reviewed by this independent UN Committee. DCI’s report to the Committee covers the period from 2002 to 2012 (reporting period), and includes information on the following issues: fatalities, injuries, detention, human shields, informants, and settler violence.
  • A Silwan Story: Palestinian Child Arrested, Abused by Israeli Authorities and Barred From Finishing 9th Grade After 30 days, Suhaib was released, having lost over 20 pounds during his detention. He was sentenced to house arrest at his grandmother's house and his family was required to post a deposit of 50,000 Shekels (about $15,000) in case he violated the conditions of his house arrest. One of those conditions was that Suhaib, who should be in 9th grade, was prevented from returning to school. "I like studying history," Suhaib told me, smiling slightly, "and I want to be a human rights lawyer when I get older."

Palestinian Political Prisoners' Hunger Strike for Dignity

On April 17, a day that Palestinians commemorate as Prisoners’ Day, thousands of Palestinian prisoners participated in a mass hunger strike, demanding an end to administrative detention, isolation and other punitive measures taken against Palestinian prisoners including the denial of family visits and access to university education. 220 children are among the thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisoners (though none have joined the hunger strike for health reasons).

While 2,000 Palestinian inmates ended the 28-day hunger strike weeks ago, Palestinian national soccer team member, Mahmoud Sarsak, completed 81 days of a grueling hunger strike, the longest in Palestinian history.

Israel's Racist Policies

In recent weeks, reports of Israeli racism toward its African migrants have surfaced following a series of violent attacks against this community based on nothing more than their ethnicity.

MECA Executive Director Barbara Lubin comments, "I have fought against all forms of racism my entire life. But as a grandmother of two wonderful boys who were born in Ethiopia, this story particularly repulses me -- although it in no way surprises me in light of how Israel has treated the Palestinians over the past 64 years. But, it is ironic that Israel, which calls itself the only democracy in the Middle East, and airlifted much of its African population into the country, is blatantly mistreating its own citizens. I think if more people would simply open their eyes to Israel's racist policies, they would be appalled." 

MECA News and Updates 

  • Mother's Day in Silwan In the early morning of February 13, Israeli forces bulldozed a cultural café and damaged the adjacent sports field that MECA supporters helped build in Silwan, East Jerusalem. Dozens of people responded to MECA’s emergency appeal and a temporary structure was built in just a few weeks. With the help of MECA supporters, the community was able to salvage some of the equipment and build a temporary structure in time for a wonderful celebration on Arabic Mother's Day in March. MECA Supporter Cathy Shields joined the Mother's Day celebration and wrote an account of what happened. Check out our slideshow of the event!
  • Book Review: "The Politics of Teaching Palestine to Americans". Written by MECA friend and supporter, Marcy Newman; Help support MECA's work and this important educational resource about Palestine by requesting the publisher release more affordable paperback and ebook editions. Write to Lauren.Jablonski [at] All proceeds from book sales are donated to MECA.
  • [VIDEO] Foul Smell: Treating Gaza's Wastewater under Israeli Blockade, A video about water situation in gaza made by youth ambassadors in Gaza of the Thirsting for Justice Campaign. As part of the Maia Project, MECA is a member of the Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (EWASH) group in Palestine.
  • MECA Summer 2012 Newsletter, Read our latest printed newsletter!  
  • MECA's Palestine Blog, "Jerusalem Day: Where's the Unity?" MECA Program Director Josie Shields-Stromsness counters the basis of Israel's fallacious celebration.

In This Issue:

Two weeks ago, MECA’s Maia Team of eleven ran or walked “Bay to Breakers,” San Francisco’s 7.4-mile race to raise funds for the Maia Project to bring clean, safe water to children in Gaza.

Thanks to 114 people who supported friends and family members, we’ve received $10,020.23 – with contributions still coming in!

We set out to raise the second half of the funds needed to install a large, permanent water desalination and purification unit in Deir El-Balah Preparatory Boys' School school in Deir El-Balah Refugee Camp, Gaza. And many of you helped us reach and exceed our goal.

MECA supporter and two-time Bay to Breakers walker Corrie Van Thiel already raised half the cost of the unit for this school over the last two years, with the help of All Saints Catholic Church and All Saints School in Hayward, California.

You contribution goes toward the total of $11,500 for the installation of the purification unit. Soon, 2078 middle school students at Deir El-Balah Preparatory Boys' School will have clean, safe water to drink at school, for decades to come.

Many thanks,
The 2012 Bay to Breakers Maia Team:
Brenda, Chris J., Chris P., Corrie, Deborah, Dina, Donna, Harris, Jaclyn, Jane, and Meg

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Palestinian footballer's hunger strike sparks fears for his life

Relatives of Mahmoud Sarsak walk near a poster bearing his picture in the southern Gaza Strip. Photograph: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

A former member of the Palestinian national football team remains on hunger strike over his imprisonment by Israel without charge, or trial, despite an agreement that was reached last month in order to end a mass protest by Palestinian prisoners.
Mahmoud Sarsak, 25, has refused food for 80 days, since 19 March. He began his hunger strike after his "administrative detention" order was renewed for the sixth time.
He was arrested in July 2009 while on his way from his home in Gaza to a national contest in the West Bank.
Sarsak is due to be visited for the first time on Wednesday by a doctor from Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) – an Israeli organisation – following legal submissions. A PHR spokeswoman said although Sarsak may be taking fluids and supplements, "every day that this goes on he is at risk of death or permanent damage".
The Israeli Prison Service has said the footballer is on "intermittent hunger strike" and is receiving medical care.
Sarsak's family deny that he is a member of any militant organisation.
"The entire family and friends are afraid for Mahmoud's life," his brother Emad told the Ma'an news website.
A mass hunger strike by hundreds of Palestinian prisoners ended on 14 May after a deal was reached – following mediation by Egypt and Jordan – to end solitary confinement, and to allow family visits and improve conditions, such as access to televisions and telephone calls. But the Israeli authorities refused to end the practice of administrative detention.
The measure is used to suppress legitimate and peaceful activities in the Palestinian territories, according to a report by Amnesty International published on Wednesday. Administrative detainees have been subjected to violations, including torture and ill-treatment, during interrogation and detention, it added.
"Israel has used its system of administrative detention – intended as an exceptional measure against people posing as an extreme and imminent danger to security – to trample on the human rights of detainees for decades," said Ann Harrison of Amnesty.
The report, Starved of Justice, calls on Israel to release all prisoners held under long-standing administrative detention orders or put them on trial.