Boycott israHell!

Boycott israHell!
Бойкот на израел и печелещите от окупацията! Boycott israHell and those who profit from occupation!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Commemorate those that died during Operation Cast Lead - Trafalgar Square 16th Jan 2010

The Israeli offensive, Operation Cast Lead, killed 1417 Palestinians in an indiscriminate and heinous fashion between the 27th of December 2008 and the 18th of January 2009. As part of a series of events conducted by numerous group between the 27th December 2009 through till the 18th of January 2010 to commemorate those that died, a Die In is being staged in Trafalgar Square on the 16th January 2010.

We are calling for groups and individuals to take part and help to represent each of the 1417 victims that were killed during this period.

We hope that you will support this effort and be part of a unified effort to put pressure on our government and on the international community to take action and to pursue this issue, bringing justice to those that have died and have, and still are sufferring. Operation Cast Lead may have ended, but the sufferring hasn't.

We hope that you will participate in this event and forward it to your members, friends or colleagues. Although not essential, we encourage people to sign up via the website so we can begin to assign names of each of those that died and to get an idea of numbers. We hope each and every one of those that were killed will be represented.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us via this email address or through the website.

Beyond this, please distribute widely - thank you.

In solidarity.

The team at Gaza1417

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