Boycott israHell!

Boycott israHell!
Бойкот на израел и печелещите от окупацията! Boycott israHell and those who profit from occupation!

Monday, January 18, 2010

What is "Kosher"?

by Len Giles

According to the prevailing Jewish mindset, all the despicable Israeli acts listed below, comply with the requirements of the Jewish Law. In other words, they are “kosher”.

1-Stealing 80% of the Palestinians’ land is “kosher”.

2-Killing innocent, unarmed, Palestinian men, women, and children, is “kosher”.

3-Practicing Apartheid, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, in Palestine, is “kosher”.

4-Building an enormous dividing wall in Palestine, on Palestinian land, without the Palestinians’ permission, is “kosher”.

5-Behaving like tyrannical, racist, bullies, is “kosher”.

6-Demolishing 23,000 Palestinian homes (often with the occupants still inside), is “kosher”.

7-Burning thousands of Palestinian homes, orchards and farms, is “kosher”.

8-Unlawfully confiscating Palestinian properties, machinery and animals, is “kosher”.

9-Raping, and murdering, Palestinian girls, is “kosher”.

10-Massacres and Atrocities inflicted upon the innocent, unarmed, Palestinian civilians, are perfectly “kosher”.

11-Torturing approximately 125,000 Palestinian prisoners, for decades, is “kosher”.

12-Forcing 1.3 million Palestinians (at gunpoint) to abandon their homes, their farms and their ancestral homeland, is “kosher”.

13-Breaking the arms and legs of children for throwing stones at Israeli tanks, is “kosher”.

14-Poisoning the water wells of Palestinians, with arsenic, to make them leave their homes and villages, is “kosher”.

15-Ignoring dozens of United Nations Resolutions, since 1948, is “kosher”.

16-Assasinating politicians, and leaders of the Palestinian Authority, is “kosher”.

17-Terrorising Palestinian families, in the middle of the night, with “Gestapo style” raids, is “kosher”.

18-Treating the Palestinian civilians like sub-human creatures, is “kosher”.

19-Using American helicopters and jets to destroy Palestinian cars, with all the passengers still inside, is “kosher”.

20-Deliberately harassing, and bullying, Palestinian civilians at hundreds of “check points”, and “road blocks”, is “kosher”.

21-Desecrating Mosques and Muslim Holy Books, is “kosher”.

22-Desecrating Churchs and the Bible, is “kosher”.

23-Crushing demonstrators to death, with bulldozers, is “kosher”.

24-Wiping 250 Palestinian villages of the face of the map is "kosher".

25-Renaming dozens of stolen Palestinian towns and villages with Hebrew names, is “kosher’.

26-Murdering in, cold blood, members of the international press is "kosher".

27-Turning the Gaza Strip into the world's largest open-air prision of 1.5 million persons is "kosher".

28-Using Palsetinian children as human shields is "kosher".

29-Killing, on average, five (5) Palestinians every single day of the week, 365 days a year is "kosher".

30-Sinking an American ship in international waters and murdering 35 American sailors is "kosher".

31-The lucrative business of selling Palestinian body parts, is “kosher”.

Behaving like demented, homicidal maniacs is perfectly normal for the Isaralis. It is the result of 4,000 years of inbreeding.

How can wicked, mentally deranged, immoral, murderers claim to be members of the Human Race?

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